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Private Events

Enjoy the exclusivity of your own privately hosted event. From birthday bashes to elegant charity balls, we offer a wide variety of services and offerings that will suit your event requirements. Looking for a private anniversary party? We’ve got just the idea to create an intimate scene. Want to book a live music concert? We’ve got a fully immersive theatre available for hire. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of event specialists will assist in creating the perfect bespoke itinerary for you to create the memorable experience you’ve been looking for.

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With our fully customisable interiors and service offerings tailor-made for you, we deliver a truly spectacular conference. From traditional conferences to mind-blowing experiences different to the norm, we share your vision and work with you to achieve the conference you want.

With staff on the ground at all times, we offer user-centered, hassle-free, and unparalleled event management services that will leave your guests in awe.


Plan your dream wedding with Soho Garden. From expert advice to ongoing support from our talented creatives, we’re the perfect planners to realise your special day. Our intimate yet iconic venue will create the magical environment you’ve been dreaming of.

Sit back and relax while our wedding specialists take care of the logistics. From seating plans and flower arrangements to bespoke menus and colour schemes, our dedication and attention to detail are unparalleled and all geared towards making your day the best it could possibly be.


Book Soho Garden in its entirety or select one of our signature bars for a truly spectacular cocktail reception. Choose from the intimate Glasshouse Bar to the lively Tiki Bar and mix it up with live music sessions to keep your guests entertained until late into the night.

Not sure what you have in mind? Our event experts are here to help you plan a remarkable cocktail reception that will be remembered long after the night ends.


From exhibitions to product launches, Soho Garden delivers unrivaled levels of quality and service. Our state-of-the-art production, visual equipment, and digital screens create a jaw-dropping spectacle underneath the desert sky.

Alongside our high-tech equipment, our dedicated event management team will provide you with the freedom to host in style while we take care of the rest. Go ahead, entertain the proper way.


We understand the need for beauty to speak for itself. With our distinctive design – which combines natural elements with the chic feel of modern Soho – and high-impact décor, we’re the best destination to showcase true works of art.

From our breathtaking interiors to our elegant play-on lighting, we stand out from the crowd – which makes us the perfect location for photoshoots, casting and fashion shows.

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